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Farmington Square Beaverton Assisted Living Upgrades Cottages with New Windows and Doors


Farmington Square Beaverton Assisted and Memory Care announces its commitment to ongoing capital improvements by upgrading all non-energy efficient windows and sliding doors in each of its cottages. This update will provide numerous benefits to both the environment and community residents.

The new windows and doors will provide better insulation and prevent air leaks, which will reduce the energy required for heating and cooling, resulting in significant energy savings. Furthermore, the windows and doors will enhance the quality of life for the residents by providing a more comfortable living space, improving natural light, and increasing ventilation.

"The upgrade to our windows and doors aligns with our commitment to creating a more sustainable and environmentally responsible community. This investment is a benefit for all who live and work in our community. We are thrilled to provide a more comfortable living environment for our residents," said Tawnya Theodore, Executive Director of Farmington Square Beaverton.

Farmington Square Beaverton remains dedicated to maintaining a high standard of excellence, and this capital improvement is one step towards achieving that goal.


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